These are the licensing terms applicable to products I provide for free or for sale. I reserve all rights over the products, including retaining copyright and ownership of all products I distribute. You are provided with non-exclusive rights to use the product.

Personal Use Items

The digital items provided for sale or free on which are stated for personal use only. What this means is that you cannot use the item in any way commercially:

  • by distributing the item for free/for sale as a digital file
  • by distributing the item for free/for sale as a physical product created from the digital file
  • by extracting assets used in the digital file and then using those in a commercial way as described in the first two points above

Some of the personal use items that I have created include assets from other designers, and their licensing usually prohibits me from licensing my derivative items as commercial use products. In this case, even purchasing an extended license would not allow for commercial use of the particular item.

Commercial Use Items

Commercial Use License

All digital items that I provide under a commercial license allow for one user (yourself or one client) to create an unlimited amount of end products (physical or digital) that can then be sold, distributed or given away. Your design must be made up of other elements or altered in such a way that it resembles a new product.

Standard commercial use licensing means:

  • you must not distribute the item as is, either by selling/giving away/or sub-licensing
  • Any items produced for sale must not directly compete with the item you have received from me. For example, if you purchase one of my graphics and then create a graphic pack which includes my work incorporated in some way, that would then be in competition with my item. Therefore it is not allowed. You can, however, create for example a Birthday Card and sell it as a digital template/printed design.

If you have any questions about licensing, please contact us.


Last updated 24th September 2017.